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Untitled - Sci Hi - Something That Was Never There

Posted on | By Grojar | 6 comments
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6 comments on Untitled - Sci Hi - Something That Was Never There

  1. Jan 23,  · The acting, to me, was above average for something with no budget. The cast was attractive, too. The biggest problem is that after this thing finally gets going, it refuses to show you anything. There are too many people who think they can get away with this. Your audience will rightfully be disappointed/10(90).
  2. Dec 22,  · Re: untitled need help! Lots of good advise here, as others have already said. About all I can add is to put in a bit of texturing on the long roof and wall on the left - you have texturing on the white fence and the front part of the barn, .
  3. Alan Davies has suggested that his Dave show As Yet Untitled would never "But in the first pilot there was a big table and big chairs and we came together and it was something like a sci-fi.
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  5. Sep 29,  · Later this year, with the Chang’e 4 mission (named for a Moon goddess) China will attempt to land a rover on the dark side of the Moon, something that’s never been done before, setting up an experimental lunar base to trial growing potatoes for food, followed by Author: Nicole Kobie.
  6. Untitled Sci-Fi comic, looking for feedback on Story, Dialogue, Pacing. Comic: Ongoing Story. Hey all! So right off the bat, the art is is VERY rudimentary, and there are a couple panels where you'll have to infer what the content is from the dialogue. Sorry about that, but if the dialogue is doing its job it should make sense.

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